Thursday, November 26, 2009

Candida Killing Plan - In Process

It is beyond self evident to me at this point that unless I get rid of my Candida problems that going raw will be just keeping me ill as there is too much carbohydrate and sugar in a truly raw diet. And, since it is the carbs and sugars that feed the yeast, raw is going on the back burner for 6 months or so while I do the diet from The Body Ecology Diet book by Donna Gates. That is NOT to say that I won't be eating anything raw, I just won't be so heavy on the raw (fruit is going to go bye-bye too).

Ms. Gates promises that if you follow her advice, your health will improve. I'm going to take her at her word and give this whole business six full months to prove itself. If it doesn't work, I'll know by then (and probably far sooner than that). Truth Calkins also used her advice and diet to get himself out from under the Candida thumb. Click on the link for Truth above to see a video of him making a chocolate/coffee ice cream mousse concoction. Yum!

OK, so this is the plan, so far. I'll be following Donna Gates advice on what to eat to starve the candida to death AND I'll be following Truth Calkins advice on probiotics and minerals and things to rebuild my immune system. I got his information on Candida from my sister who has a subscription to David Wolfe's site, For those of you unfamiliar with David Wolfe, he is one of the leaders in the raw movement/community. A brilliant lecturer, David has been at the forefront of the alternative health/nutrition world for over a decade. Definately worth checking out!

So, over the course of the next month I'll be quitting coffee (yet again!) and slowly easing my diet over to what Donna Gates suggests. This will set me up to be fully on the diet from the 1st of the year until my birthday in June. At that point I'll be reevaluating my situation and deciding if I need to stay on her diet any longer or if I can begin transitioning back over to the raw.

Expect the step by step outline of all of this soon. I'm busy taking my notes from the book and researching products online and will bring you all the gory details as they emerge.

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