Friday, November 20, 2009

Return to the RAW!

After what has seemed like an interminable absence, I'm now getting back on track. My excuse has been that I moved from my apartment into a darling house! I wasn't exactly planning to be AWOL for 2 months, but that is what it has taken to find the new place, pack up, move and then unpack. And, I'm still not totally done with the unpacking. I expect a few more weeks of cleaning, pondering and re-organizing before I can heave a sigh of relief and get back to a normal schedule.

And of course, (well, not of course, but in my case it was inevitable) I ran my diet off into a ditch and have been slowly getting it back on track. Not quite there yet as I'm still fussing over a few issues and having icky withdrawal symptoms from cooked and non-organic foods. I still haven't open up my juicer and Vitamix either. I intend to remedy that this afternoon. I hope to pull the kitchen together TODAY!

My sister came across some very interesting information from this guy named Truth Calkins about bringing candida issues under control, which I'll be trying out and sharing with everybody as soon as I can get myself under control and back on track. She gave me her notes on his lecture and it's full of good information on how he managed to rid himself of a candida infestation. Check him out on YouTube talking about his flu virus tonic and all sorts of other raw and health related goodness.

Truth has a tonic bar in the Erewhon Market in LA and now also has a company, Jing and Co. selling a yummy chocolate and jing herb brownie that helps give you energy. Lord knows I could use more of that! I hope to try them out and see what they're all about soon. You can pick up a 12 pack (with free shipping) for $57.95 (that's $4.80 a piece).

Have a groovy day babycakes, I'm off the organize the kitchen!

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