Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quitting Coffee

I am now in the process of quitting coffee, yet AGAIN! The last attempt was disastrous; hideous cravings, headaches, sluggishness galore! But, here comes the but, I have been feeling lightheaded and strangely tired and have linked these feeling to coffee (I drink coffee, I feel bad, I don't drink coffee, I feel better). Time to quit AGAIN, sigh....

I was pretty good for 4 days and then got up and felt the need for a little lift and met Miss Scilla and her husband Mike at Starbucks and promptly wreaked myself on a Venti peppermint mocha latte, extra hot with whipped cream and sprinkles. Bad.... bad Emily. Michael even nudged me into picking up a Starbucks card, which I am glad to say, I didn't load up with money. To make matters worse, I went back yesterday and got a decaf Venti peppermint mocha latte, iced this time and felt rotten and couldn't even finish it.

Back off coffee....

Hopefully this time my boycott will last longer than 4 days.

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  1. I can help! Try coconut oil! Start with a teaspoon three times a day and work up to a tablespoon three times a day. It gives you so much energy! I cook with it, put it on my skin, my hair, and in my food. My favorite way to eat it is to cook some white rice and put about a tsp. of it on a cup of rice with some cayenne pepper. Yummy and so good for you!