Thursday, September 10, 2009

Candidaisis and Weight Loss Protocol

So, I spent the last week flapping about like a freaked out hen trying to get a protocol together designed for weight loss and to tackle my candidiasis issue. I think I've settled on a plan of attack, which I'm hoping will work. I'm going to try it out and see what happens. I may have to make changes as I go along. This diet may be too heavy on the carbohydrates and simple sugars to adequately address candidiasis.

I believe that my weight problem is linked to my candidiasis problem, so without addressing both at the same time, nothing will come of any of this. I'm not one to waste effort. I also believe that candidiasis is responsible for my rediculous food cravings, adult acne, dandruff, vaginal yeast infection, hypoglycemia, intetrigo, chronic fatigue, mood swings, indigestion and brain fog.

That said, I'm giving you all the link to the candida protocol that I found online that seems the most logical to me. It give several different ways to take food grade hydrogen peroxide and talks about the benefits and the possible reactions you might have to taking it. Please note that I take full responsibility for what I'm doing and have not had the advice of a physician regarding this protocol. (nor do I want any)

Below (in green) is the protocol I'll be following, taken word for word from the site:


It is suggested to take the below dosages either one hour
before eating or 3 hours after eating.

Use the dosages listed in the chart with 5 ounces of distilled or purified water. When reaching higher dosages, more water may be used. Take on an empty stomach, 1 hour before a meal and at least 3 hours after a meal. If your stomach gets upset at any level, stay at that level, or go back one level.

Candida victims may need to start at 1 drop 3 times per day.

Dosage Schedule for undiluted 33% H202

1st day,use 9 drops ( 3 drops, 3 times/day)

2nd day,use 12 drops ( 4 drops, 3 times/day)

3rd day,use 15 drops ( 5 drops, 3 times/day)

4th day,use 18 drops ( 6 drops, 3 times/day)

5th day,use 21 drops ( 7 drops, 3 times/day)

6th day,use 24 drops ( 8 drops, 3 times/day)

7th day,use 27 drops ( 9 drops, 3 times/day)
8th day,use 30 drops (10 drops, 3 times/day)

9th day,use 36 drops (12 drops, 3 times/day

10th day,use 42 drops (14 drops, 3 times/day)

11th day,use 48 drops (16 drops, 3 times/day)

12th day,use 54 drops (18 drops, 3 times/day

13th day,use 60 drops (20 drops, 3 times/day)

14th day,use 66 drops (22 drops, 3 times/day)

15th day,use 72 drops (24 drops, 3 times/day

16th day,use 75 drops (25 drops, 3 times/day)

For more serious complaints stay at 25 drops, 3 times per
day for 1 - 3 weeks. Next graduate down to 25 drops, 2 times per day until the problem is taken care of. This may take from 1 - 6 months. Don't give up!

When free of complaints, you may taper off by taking:
25 drops once every other day, 4 times 25 drops once every third day for 2 weeks 25 drops once every fourth day for 3 weeks A good maintenance would be 5 - 15 drops per week, depending on the amount of cooked and processed foods you are eating.

I had my first dose first thing this morning and felt no ill effects. I tried a different hydrogen peroxide product years ago and did myself in by drinking too much too soon and wanted to DIE from the die off. I was nauseated beyond belief and headachey and generally sick as a dog. It was my fault too, since I rushed the program and thought it wouldn't have such a big effect on me. I won't be repeating that debacle.

I purchased the food grade hydrogen peroxide online (which comes in a 33% solution and has to be diluted before use) and am very happy with my purchase. This in not something you can just pick up at the drug store. Do NOT use the stuff from the drugstore either! It has various chemicals in it that will make you very sick!!!

How can I be sure that I have candidiasis? Well, besides the symptoms that started when I took my first round of antibiotics (when I was 7), I took the informal at-home test.

When you get up in the morning (first thing before anything else), you spit into a glass of water. Normal saliva is clear and will not have any substance. Those with a candidiasis problem will have saliva that has long stringy stuff floating around in the glass, be cloudy and or sink to the bottom in a clump.

My nasty pictures are below:

Think I have candidiasis? Uh, yeah...

As you can see, there are the yucky stringy icky things floating in the glass of water that are described perfectly in this link. While it's not proof positive, it's good enough for me. You can go to your doctor and take a candida immune complexes test if you want to, but I'd rather not. If your doctor won't go along with testing you, you can always order one online for yourself.

My new daily routine:

Upon rising:
  • take hydrogen peroxide in water
  • wait 1 hour to eat breakfast
  • take blood stabilizer pills
  • 1 fruit shake with tonic herbs (recipe to follow)
  • wait 3 hours to take next round of hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide - round 2
  • wait 1 hour to eat lunch
  • take blood stabilizer pills
  • Large salad with vegetables and salad dressing
  • wait 3 hours to take next round of hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide - round 3 (last of the day)
  • wait 1 hour to eat dinner
Before bed:
  • chamomile tea
I'm not sure what role fruit type desserts, crackers, wraps and the like will be playing here. I'm getting an Excalibur dehydrator and will be experimenting with that over the next few weeks. I'm expecting a few spectacular flame-outs over that one...

I also plan to squeeze in a daily Kombucha tea. I'll be putting up a tutorial on how to make that as well, as soon as I can get myself together to write the darn thing.

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