Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Off the cleanse and back on to food

A few hours after my lunch salad yesterday I had to run to the bathroom. I guess my stomach couldn't handle the greens because I spewed forth with a fiery green sewage that could only have been my lunch. Never has anything gone through me so fast in my life!

There's no doubt that my intestines have been cleaned out...

The fiery green sewage lasted until this morning when it finally petered out. I have decided to pull back on greens for a bit and stick with fruit and soup for a few days until my bowels have had a chance to normalize. In the meantime I'll be working on a few recipes that I'll be posting here to cheer me up on my Rawvenge adventure.

I found a couple wonderful raw food blogs that I want to share with you. The Sunny Raw Kitchen is written by a very lovely woman named Carmella Soleil who is living near Quebec with with Don, Kylo (puppy dog) and DaPuss (kitty). She has filled her blog full of enticing photographs and yummy recipes that inspire me to drool every time I visit. I simply must buy myself a dehydrator so I can try all of her recipes.

Her Super Caramel Chocolate Tarts, Cheddar and Smoked Veggie Pizza, Garlic and Dill Cheeze, Basil and Black Olive Pasta, and Black Forest Cherry Cake look heavenly! I'm hungry now just writing this.

This yummy nut cheese may get a try in the next day or two...

Next, there's a charming bloke from England, Russell James, who's a professional chef and is gracing us with mouth watering recipes like Maca Ice Cream and Cacao Crackle Sandwiches, Vegetable Samosas with Cucumber and Mint Raita, Pesto and Carmalized Onion Pizza, and Mushroom Curry with Parsnip Rice & Spiced Mango Chutney . Oh Lordy, I love a goumet meal and his recipes look just wonderful. I'll have to wait to get my dehydrator to try some of them though.

These killer ice cream sandwiches will have to wait for another day, as will the samosas and the pizza...

The Mushroom Curry below may get a try soon...

All these photos were borrowed from their respective sites and are not meant to infringe on any copyright laws. Each one links back to it's original page.

Many, many thanks to Carmella and Russell for inspiring me with their delicious recipes!

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