Monday, August 31, 2009

Rawvenge Bowel Cleanse - Day Eight

Today is the last day of my juice fast.Yippee!!! I admit I got a bit hungry today and am ready to be done with all this endless toxin absorber. I got out a lot more of the mucoid plaque today as well. It wasn't quite as impressive as yesterday, so I'm not bothering to show any pictures.

A total of 50 pounds of apples was juiced during this fast. And I made 4 double batches of the vegetable broth (that's 16 liters of broth) and drank another 10 liters of water during the last 5 days. Whew! No wonder I spent so much time in the bathroom.

There's quite a bit of the digestive absorber left and, according to the instructions, I'll be taking that until it's gone. Blessed Herbs says that I can get out quite a bit more mucoid plaque even after the fast is over if I continue to take all of the digestive absorber.

Oh joy...

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