Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rawvenge Bowel Cleanse - Day Five

I slept very well last night on account of the chamomile tea and felt quite well on arising. I needed to run some errands today, so I had my coffee and ran out to shop and hit the bank. I felt a bit light headed and goofy in the Wally-Mart, so I went right back home to get going on all my toxin absorber rounds. I felt better almost immediately once I drank the apple juice and had my first round of pills.

I also changed my coffee. I decided to make a half and half blend of coffee with Teeccino, which is an herbal coffee substitute. I bought the almond amaretto flavor and it's soooooo good! This particular blend contains: organic carob, organic barley, organic dates, chicory, organic chicory, almonds, natural amaretto flavor, and organic figs.

I also feel a bit dehydrated. All that water was good, but I also went to the bathroom about 25 times yesterday, so it didn't stick around.

This afternoon I got out a bit of mucus too. The first sign of what I hope will come in another day or two. I won't bore you with a picture of that...

I'm going to do everything just exactly the same as yesterday, except I'll take 3 digestive stimulators instead of 2. Gotta keep the bowels moving.

Today worked out well, despite the fact that I got a late start. I still feel good and haven't been having any major cravings either. The toxin absorber is quite filling and the vegetable broth seems to quell hunger nicely. I'm still going to the bathroom many, many times a day. No doubt this is normal because of the extra liquid I'm taking in. But, no mucoid plaque yet.

So far so good.

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