Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rawvenge Bowel Cleanse - Day Three

Well, the ginger toxin absorber was even more repugnant to me last night. I took too long to drink it and it began to gel up, making it even less palatable. I've already called Blessed Herbs again about capping the absorber up and am now waiting for the master herbalist to get back to me. Apparently we've had to go to the top to get the answer. I hope to God I can cap this stuff up and stay on track.

I was a little hungry last night, but I think it was a craving instead of real hunger. I saw popcorn on TV and immediately wanted some. The feeling passed without incident.

I forgot to mention that I've been having a cup of coffee every morning with soy milk. Apparently, it can be difficult to try to quit coffee during the cleanse. According to the literature of the bowel cleanse, they recommend a green tea, but I don't really like tea. I just switched to soy milk instead of cream. One cup is all that they allow.

  • 2 blood stabilizers, 1 policosanol and 1 chromium pill taken before the meal
  • small bunch of grapes
  • 1/2 of an avocado
  • 1 smallorganic apple
Set timer for 3 hours.

Set timer for 3 hours.

Hurrah! I got a call back from Becky this afternoon and was cleared to cap up all the toxin absorber. She said that the Master Herbalist told her that the only thing to watch out for was bloating, which would mean that I wasn't digesting the caps well enough. No problem. I already know from my blood stabilizer herb pills that I was digesting them just fine. I know this because when I take them on an empty stomach, I'll feel the herbs churning in my stomach 5 minutes after I take them.

Here's my set up for capping the toxin absorber. The long ends of the caps are already in the Cap-M-Quik and the short ends are in the little glass bowl in the picture above. The toxin absorber is in the pyrex measuring cup. The empty packets are to the left.

Here, the 50 caps are filled and ready to get their little hats on. It didn't take too long. I'll have to go back to the health food store and get some more caps though, since I've got 3 more days worth of toxin absorber to fill.

I capped up 11 of the packets, enough to get me through the next 2 days, and came away with 215 size "0" pills. 215 divided by 11 = 19.5. So, each packet contains 19-20 capsules of matter. Quite a bit actually.

  • 1 digestive stimulator pill taken before the meal
  • 1 small romaine lettuce salad with shredded carrot and a bit of Greek dressing
  • 1 egg
Set timer for 2 hours. Time to take the toxin absorber.

I took the 20 toxin absorber pills with 24 oz. of juice and water (8 oz. fresh organic apple juice and 16 oz. distilled water). It worked perfectly and I didn't have any bloating.

I admit that I was a little bit hungry today, but it wasn't too bad. Hopefully tomorrow won't give me too many problems in that area. I still haven't decided whether to take my blood stabilizers or not. I have to wait 2 hours after I take the toxin absorber to take them, so I'm not sure I really want to. I may not need to anyway, so I'm going to wait and see.

Off to bed....

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