Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rawvenge bowel cleanse - Day One

So, here is the first day of my bowel cleanse in great detail.

For these first 3 days I cannot have any dairy products, fried foods, sugar, iodized table salt, or meat. All of these items clog, congest, slow and depress the elimination process.

  • 2 blood stabilizer pills, 1 policosanol and 1 chromium picolinate pill taken with freshly juiced fruits and veggies (about 2-3 oz. thinned with distilled water). I use the extra 64 fl. oz. that I'm supposed to be drinking to make this drink.
  • 2 egg omelet with 1/2 sauteed onion and 1/2 organic avocado sliced.
I threw the salt in the picture because I wanted to show what brand I use. This is a really tasty sea salt that I get at my local health food store and have been using for years now. Rock and sea salts have lots of trace minerals and are good for you in reasonable amounts. Yes, I salted my omelet just a little. I also burnt it a little...oops. It was yummy anyway.

I set my timer for 3 hours. I'll be making my lunch then and taking 2 more blood stabilizer pills.

Note my trusty feline helpers lurking in the background of the photo above. Too bad Miss Chloe and Mr. Snicker can't run the juicer. I could use a sous chef.

Timer set for 3 hours. I'll be having dinner then and gearing up for my first toxin absorber.

Timer set for 2 hours. I'll be juicing apples for my first toxin absorber then.

O.K., here's my opinion of my first toxin absorber. A trifle too gritty and it swelled up like a sponge in my stomach especially after the extra 16 oz. of water. Very bloating, but the feeling dissipated in about a half an hour so it was alright. I can already tell that the 5 days juice fasting will be very intense.

The first day in now done and I'm going to bed.

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