Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rawvenge Bowel Cleanse - Day Four

Today is the first day of the 5 days of juice fasting. I feel confident, now that I've worked out my issues with the toxin absorber, that the juice fast will go well even if I get some cleansing reactions.

Blessed Herb's literature says that you can experience headache's, itching, rashes, aching muscles and/or joints, fever, sweating, body odor, bad breath, mouth sores, appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sleeplessness, tiredness or exhaustion.

Also, I may experience a deep cleansing reaction which would be a reappearance of old injury's or heath problems as my body works to heal these lingering weaknesses. According to them, a deep cleansing reaction mimics the signs of particular past experiences, but in a much shortened version and is preceded the day before by an "on top of the world" feeling.

They also say that these symptoms usually pass quickly. Blessed Herbs recommends an enema or colema made with peppermint tea for physical symptoms and chamomile tea for emotional swings.

According to Becky yesterday, I may have to increase my digestive stimulators as my elimination my slow down during the next 5 days. I decided to take 2 pills tonight instead of 1 to ward off that problem. I may increase my intake of the digestive stimulators by 1 pill a day to ensure that I continue to get good results.

My feeling about this is that it will probably take a couple days for me to start detoxing, and then I may get some symptoms. It would probably be good if I do, as I'd like this cleanse to do as much as it can for me.

I slept pretty well last night and feel just fine today so far.

The picture above has all five of my toxin absorber rounds, my extra water and digestive stimulator laid out and ready to go. This is all I'll be eating today except some vegetable broth that I'll be making in just a bit. Here's the recipe for that.

The plan is to start the day with a coffee and go directly to my first toxin absorber round. I'll do 5 rounds of toxin absorber (20 pills a round) with a 3 hours wait between each one. Two hours after the last round of toxin absorber I'll take 2 digestive stimulator pills and have a chamomile tea before bed. I'll also have a much vegetable broth as I like.

Well, I didn't have any hunger really. The vegetable broth was a big help in that regard. I had 3 bowls of it in between my toxin absorber rounds. Taking 100 pills was quite a challenge. It's quite a bit of work to juice 5 times a day (and clean up), make the veggie broth and take all those pills. I felt fine and am interested to see what tomorrow will bring. I capped off today with a double chamomile tea with liquid stevia sweetener. Very pleasant so far....

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